1.97 (macOS 10.9 and below)

This version runs on OSX 10.6 and above. It is 32-bit and the older Quicktime Video library. While this version works on OSX versions above 10.9, there are some cases where graphics are slower on Yosemite 10.10. Eventually, this version will no longer be supported by the Apple OS.

1.97.63 (macOS 10.9+)

This version of ADRToolBox runs on OSX 10.9 and above and supports Apple's latest video and graphics frameworks. This version also features an EDL change note tool in addition to audio waveform overviews for Quicktime movies. All fixes and updates to ADR ToolBox will occur with this branch. Here are the release notes.

Coming Soon 1.98 (macOS 10.11+)

ADR ToolBox 1.98 will be available in October 2019 as soon as Catalina is released. This version will be a clean 64 bit OSX application with compatibility for Apple's Metal Display Architecture. The application also includes FFMpeg for better video codec support as well as AAF cue export options. This version will be a free upgrade for users who purchased ADR ToolBox after September 2018 when Apple announced architecture changes to macOS.

ADR ToolBox Layout Creator

Layout Creator allows you to define your own custom templates for use with ADR Toolbox. See the following videos for more information