ADR ToolBox

Version 1.97.70

Watch an explanation of new features on YouTube

Version 1.97.70

- Addressed an issue where the cursor would drop to the end of the text box when typing

Version 1.97.69

- - Addressed an issue where the shot, cut, etc attributes wouldn't update in the main display

Version 1.97.66

- Fixed an issue when importing priority information from Pro Tools text Documents

Version 1.97.63

- Added macOS Catalina Update Info

- Added an additional Excel Import Freature

- Fixed an issue with Protools Text Import not recognizing Priority assignments

Version 1.97.53

- H264 Files are now opened using Apple AVFoundation Codecs

- Addressed Print Bugs

- Bug Fix when not specifying all tokens during a print job

- Added new Print Window with Batch Print Options

Version 1.97.43

- Fixed a repeated Character Prefix when using custom print styles

Version 1.97.41

- Added Protools text import validation. Made tweaks to the TC Offset feature when "Hour Matches Reel" is disabled

Version 1.97.42

- Fixed a Footage Display Discrepancy when using "Hour Mathches Reel" on a reel version exceeding 10900 Feet

Version 1.97.41

- Added Protools text import validation. Made tweaks to the TC Offset feature when "Hour Matches Reel" is disabled

Version 1.97.39

- Added improvements to the Protools text import feature. Addressed an issue where the picture could become unsychronized after sorting the cues. Also added a video loop feature.

Version 1.97.38

- Added the ability to import Pro Tools text Documents. This format follows the EdiCue formatting template. The command can be found in the ‘File’ menu.

Version 1.97.36

     - Made several tweaks: 1) adjusted the way ADR ToolBox captures time values 2) fixed the movie offset time display in the movie window 3) changed the way highlighted cues are displayed when they have a color other than black. 4) You can locate from your current cue in ADR ToolBox to the cue's location in Protools. You can do this either from a menu command (key command option+1) or from the mini editor. You can also specify that Protools will begin playing after locate (key command option+2).

Version 1.97.33

     - Fixed cases where the waveform tool could cause a crash.

Version 1.97.32

     - Addressed some cases where there were empty characters in the character list. Added further redraw tweaks.

Version 1.97.30

     - Updated support for Soundmaster exports. Addressed some cases where the main list wasn't properly displaying.

Version 1.97.27

     - Removed additional edge cases involving Quicklook.

Version 1.97.26

     - Made changes to the EDL conform tool. Fixed a bug involving the Bin View where collapsing the view would cause an exception. Removed the application splash screen as the modal presention could cause a conflict with Quicklook.

Version 1.97.25

     - Fixed a bug when loading a document with null data.

Version 1.97.24

     - This version fixes an issue on OSX Yosemite and later where Quicklook crashes an ADR ToolBox Window on open.

Version 1.97.23

- This version includes UI tweaks, a substantial rewrite of the main list view to accommodate eccentricities on OSX Yosemite, a new video engine, as well as a Beta EDL Change Note tool. This version only works on OSX 10.9 and above.

Version 1.97

- Minor tweaks.

Version 1.96

- Addressed an issue where the line count print out had duplicate lines.

Version 1.95

-Addressed several small performance issues.

-The Application is compatible with OSXMavericks. 

Version 1.91

-Addressed an issue where user specified cues per hour was not being used when creating a new character

-Certain cases where creating a character with a name that was part of another character's name would not be recognized

Version 1.89

-Fixed cases where new bins wouldn't be in the chosen time display format.

Version 1.87

-Bug Updates

Version 1.83

-Addressed an infrequent printing problem when printing with certain styles

Version 1.82

-Fixed an issue when opening a file with the mini-editor set to expanded mode.

Version 1.78

-Addressed Mountain Lion Compatibility

-Fixed a case when making a line count from cues that didn't have characters/versions associated

-Moved user-specified tab ordering into the Mini Editor

Version 1.73

-Fixed case of tab export not working

Version 1.72

-Added support for more change notes

-added and fixed cases where the same character/version is entered twice

Version 1.69

-Fixed cases where a change note would not open

Version 1.68

-Users can now change the tabbing order of a cue's attributes. See the Tabbing icon in the application's preferences for more details.

-Added new fields for cues: Priority, Locked, Ignore, and User Defined.

-Characters can now new marked as Group so that, if you choose, these cues will be included in line counts as Group.

-Added Character attributes: Physical Location (NYC, LA, etc) & Cues Per Hour (8,10, etc)

-Added Version attributes: LFOA and Color. Cues will be displayed according to the color of their version

-Global Spell Check with suggestions

-Added more fields to the Mini Editor

-Brand new line count, includes cues per hour

Version 1.59

-Bug Fixes for OS 10.5+

Version 1.58

-Empty Notes & Director's Notes will not be printed

-Added UI improvements

-Fixed 10.5 Date problem

Version 1.57

-Additional updated printing capabilities when printing from custom templates.

Version 1.55

-Updated printing capabilities when printing from custom templates.

-Last 10.4 Version

Version 1.54

-Fixed Quicktime 25 fps display

-Fixed an error when the line count would not generate under a particular circumstance. 

-This will be the last version of ADR ToolBox supported for 10.4 Tiger!!!!!

Version 1.53

-UI improvements

-case insensitive text boxes for CHARACTER, SCENE, & REASON

-Duplicate Cue box Warning will tell which cue numbers are colliding

-Warning when backup folder exceeds user-defined limit

-Defaults for movie start times    

Version 1.51 

-bug fixes

Version 1.48 includes some new additions

-UI Improvements

-support for 25fps & 29.97 DF Timecode

Version 1.47 includes some new additions

-Added a text editor for the change note field.

-The Mini Editor now sends key events like play (spacebar) directly to Protools.

-The character prefix is now visible in the main window.

-Added a TAB Export editor

Version 1.45 includes some new additions

-Added Auto-Numbering For Characters


Version 1.43 includes some new additions

-Added Actor token for Print Jobs

-miscellaneous updates

Version 1.42 includes some new additions

-Minor Fixes

Version 1.38 includes some new additions

-Excel Export Excel 2011 supported

Version 1.38 includes some new additions

-Scaling Text Boxes, Line Boxes are no longer limited in size

-Updated Line Count Print Out

-Works with Protools 9

-Currently updating Line Count Excel Export Excel 2011

Version 1.35 includes some new additions

-Sub Folders!!!!

-Easier Rebalance & Conform Feature

-Tons of new features

-Manual in Progess

Version 1.28 includes some minor fixes

-Brand New Line Count

-Fixed problems when adding take information

Version 1.26 includes some minor fixes

-Addressed issue when printing line counts

Version 1.23 includes some minor fixes

-Addressed an internal OSX error when printing records without any data

Version 1.22 includes some minor fixes

-Updated Search Feature (Pressing "ADD" no longer duplicates existing search results)

-Fixed Time Offset Field. 

-Polished up the UI.