Cue now, Conform later
Keep Cueing, Rebalance, Rinse, Repeat...

The premiere tool for organizing all of your ADR assets


With just the click of a button, you can begin entering your cues. When you're ready, you can organize them into folders - cues to shoot, cues for a particular cut - it doesn't matter. You can organize your cues in whatever way you like.


Use EDLs or Avid changelists to conform your cues with ease. After your picture editor has gone crazy, you can perform rebalances on your cues so that the very first cue you made can be brought to the latest cut of picture.

Line Count

Your post supervisor wants to schedule ADR immediately. No problem. You can generate counts and times for several criteria like television and efforts & breaths. The post sup will love you when their leading actor doesn't need to do 2 days of grunts.


No more going in and out of Protools sessions to check your cues. You can drag in '.mov' files, add audio, and even view the audio track's waveform all from inside ADR ToolBox. You'll save hours of time.

Pro Tools

Capture timecode or footage from Protools. Open a floating window and work from inside Protools as you create and edit your cues.

Print Styles

Using the companion application ADR ToolBox Layout Creator, you can define additional cue sheet styles that match your needs.